Music review: Do As Infinity - Wings

dai.jpgArtist: Do As Infinity Members: Tomiko Van, Ryo Owatari, Dai Nagao Album: Tangerine Dream Release date: 9/29/99

English translation: What's been the matter recently? You've been looking down Even your harsh language, which you were proud of, has disappeared Even if this world is just unfair, As for the weak, even the answers won't be found

On the nights the storm goes away, the sky is clearer than usual & the twinkling stars are blowing kisses to us

* Tomorrow is shining & the beat will stir up a miracle there We're together & time stops immediately We go beyond the horizon where the evening sun begins to melt

Let's throw away the excess baggage Let's just take the Gibson (guitar) If we can go willingly without choosing a goal, even the rusty fate will begin to pass

Even on the days of the preestablished harmony, it's better to throw everything to the shore, even if it's just the freedom in appearance

Even if the sparkling season passes by, let's hold onto the memories that don't change The fragments of the wish are in a dream You can grab them with a little courage

When you are tired of flying, it's better to rest your wings We know that you did your best

* repeat About the song: Wings was on DAI's debut single. It was rerecorded as Wings 510 for the New World album. This version of the song has a relaxed feeling to it while the rerecording sounds a lot, I guess is the best way to put it. The original recording has very simple instrument lines. The rerecording brings in more...stuff in the background. Both versions are very good songs. However, I like the simpler version better.