Music review: Gackt - U+K

Artist: Gackt Song title: U+K Album: Mars Release date: 4/26/00 Video link:

English translation by Mina-P: So... Don't say anything You're just a little bit frightened now so Don't say anything You're just a little bit in grief so

In the last act, offer your prayers

The magic of the moon is... shalle a le rilla Because we whisper in sugary voices If just one more wish comes true I want to join hands with you and laugh

Inside of the dream... Inside of the memory, we'll definitely meet again...

If you can regain your smile If your laughing self returns Sadness will turn into kindness

"As that far off memory was..." with all your desires

The magic of the moon is... shalle a le rilla If you can forget your tears If you can touch your kindness I want to sleep near you

If the magic of the moon vanishes Because good-byes are visited again If we can follow our feelings right now I want to join hands with you and dance

Inside of the light, the place we should return to, Because I'll meet you again somewhere

About the song: As you can see in the video, this is the "dancing cats" song. It is weird that this song is so upbeat and cheery. Rumor has it that this song is about the death of Kami, the drummer for Gackt's former band, Malice Mizer. While Gackt himself hasn't come out and said this song IS about Kami, he has expressed sadness and guilt over the sudden death of his friend. In his autobiography (translation:, he talks about how he felt like he could have done more to 'save' Kami and how he knew something bad was going to happen but didn't do anything about it. (Kami died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, I don't know that there was anything Gackt could have done to stop that.) Since this was Gackt's first album after Kami's death, it wouldn't surprise me if this song really is about him.

I love this song because it is so cheery. Gackt doesn't see death as The End. As the lyrics show, he believes that he will see his loved ones again either in an afterlife or a rebirth. That's why this song touches me. I believe in rebirth so even when a loved one dies, I believe that I will see them again in another life. Death isn't something to fear. It's just another turn in the wheel of life.