Music review: Green Day - One For The Razorbacks

kerplunk.jpgArtist: Green Day Members: Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tre Cool (drums) Album: Kerplunk Release date: 1/17/92 Video link: Via YouTube

Lyrics: Juliet's trying to find out what she wants, but she don't know Experience has got her down Look this direction, I know it's not perfection, it's just me... I want to bring you up again now

I'm losing what's left of my dignity A small price I'll pay to see That you're happy Forget all the disappointments you have faced Open up your worried world and let me in

Juliet's crying cause now she's realizing love can be Filled with pain and distrust I know I am crazy, and a bit lazy But I will try to bring you up again now About the song: I've always loved Green Day's older music more than their current albums. Maybe it was the "emo teenager" in me that felt a connection to songs like this. Songs about how love can suck and life isn't always roses. Now that I'm older, these songs don't cut nearly as close as they used to but they still bring me feelings of nostalgia.