Music review: Hyde - unexpected (English version)

hyde.jpgArtist: Hyde Album: roentgen.ENGLISH Release date: 10/14/04 Video link: via YouTube (this is not the original version of the song, this is a remixed version that was re-relased as the B-side of the Season's Call single)

Lyrics: Unexpected Promises woven

Unexpected Through space and time the path unwinds Leading me straight to you Unexpected Reaching across a moonlit square We found each other's hands Unexpected Under the blessing of the stars The life poured into us To meet is so unexpected About the song: The original version of Unexpected is so laid-back that unless you are trying to fall asleep, it is very difficult to listen to. However the remixed version is very good. Despite the difficulty of understanding Hyde's English, the fullness of the instruments pushes the song from a mellow, laid-back tune to a decent rock ballad. The only real downfall of either version is the approximately two minutes of the song spent singing "Unexpected, promises woven." Since that compromises about half of the entire song, it makes it difficult to not push the fast forward or next song button on your player.