Music review: m-flo - EXPO EXPO feat. Towa Tei, Bahamadia & Chops

Artist: m-flo with Towa Tei, Bahamadia & Chops Members of m-flo: Taku Takahashi, VERBAL, Lisa Album: EXPO EXPO Release date: 3/28/01

Lyrics: (Sorry, I don't have a translation for the few Japanese lyrics) + people unite, and celebrate no reason to fight all living creatures hear the soothing future music easin' your plight, so unite, and celebrate, no reason to fight all living creatures hear the future EXPO m-flo...

we globally achievin' new heights, innovative creative we made this exposition mission, eli-minated those seekin' to bite

trifocals increasin' ya sight, vocals release and ignite flo bright like a mediarite, chops like chubb rock treatin' em right

future music even tonight so we can excite, the crowd leavin em hype, computer love produces lucid dreamin' in flight,

pantagalactic rhyming, keepin it tight planet shining, seein' the light Verbal Taku Lisa unite with me & Bahamadia freakin the mic, like that!

species of technology collaborate with human breed say we are one yes we are one cosmic message in the breeze will free the world to unity say we are one yes we are one

+ repeat

to cats who spit zirconium, I vomit jewels with supreme cut and clarity, audible, tetra-sonical telescopic visions wandering from planet earth we got media, compatible, with all machinery appropriately called The Miracle, with 1950's aestheticals host of sick technology to shatter most obsolete ones, we pull stunts beyond your wisdom satellites to venture unknown solar systems

CHATAA ZA kasei kara kita ABENJAA KYAPASHITII mugendai EKISUPO sen kan Zendai-mimon kenbikyou TORINITORON NOOBERU shou FUROO OOTO saikidou Komaku KOCHOKOCHO 48 TORAKKU Saisentan tsumami sousa chakushoku HAADOUEA chuu ni mau Juuryoku mushi joutai suu jikan

C-H-A-T-R (EMUSHII BAABARU) High-tech's the way we are (ANAROGU daisakusen) We on the vehicle, at large (uchuusen GUROOBARU) Shooting off to new stars (kasei kara dai-nana wakusei) Yo, it's about that time (EKISUPO EKISUPO) Yo, it's about that time (SHISUTEMU saikidou) Yo, it's about that time (EKISUPO EKISUPO) Yo, it's about that time (SHISUTEMU saikidou)

peep the architecture, dwellings sectioned off with metallic textures even engineers failed to make predictions 2012, viscious liquid silver condominiums transform to suit residents, state of the art, to transport, we teleport instantaneously, we send them off, multi-dimentional, incredible acceleration of velocity exponential electromagnetic motor aviation in collabo with SwissMetro breakbeat overdrive, cold crash data roller-skating tetsuwan Atom cataracts on photo micrographs particles compact, Duration Studio is re-vamped, enormous voltage back draft last century is brought back

spit spectacular, vernacular, miraculous, m-flo backing it up with the chain-ja' stacking up, 24 bars of me acting up Illadel and Japan be like "ah," similar to the sound when you making love, peep radius of vocal influx catering to thugs and to intellects, EXPO EXPO banging like four-fours expose souls like Edgar Allan Poe, sick live show you know how Bahama' go freak speech techniques from a long time ago breakbeat to techno i get it in through, making your slow on some "3 triple 0" next shit eclectic wit, brain like computer chip esoteric logic infused in it data transmit past 64 bit transfixed in orbit metamorphosis got my MP3 file hot as august it download then burn 2 minidisk analyze, dissect, detect, process analyze, dissect, detect, process analyze, dissect, detect, process analyze, dissect, detect, process About the song: This song joins an interesting group of people together. Towa Tei is famous as the DJ of the early 90s New York trio Deee-Lite who had a hit with "Groove Is In The Heart." Bahamadia is a Philadelphia-born hip-hop artist, DJ and MC. Chops is a Philadelphia-based Asian-American hip-hop producer and rapper. As such, the song is mostly in English. Mixing the rapid pacing of the rap with the lyrics, I wouldn't be surprised if most Japanese people have no idea what they are saying. (I had a hard time myself!)

While hip-hop is not my favorite genre of music, I really like this song. I think my favorite part is how the rap doesn't stay at one steady pace. It starts out at a 'normal' pace then speeds up just before hitting the chorus and going back to regular again. m-flo has definitely changed my view on hip-hop music.