My non-diet diet

I don't really have a lot to talk about. So I'm going to talk about the "diet" I am trying out. It's not some fad diet or anything weird. I'm simply not eating foods containing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). That means no soda (I could drink things like Pepsi Throwback but I'm choosing to eliminate all soda), no Stove Top stuffing, no Heinz ketchup, and many many other foods. I have to read the ingredients on everything because HFCS shows up in unexpected places, like bread. My family switched to a honey wheat bread with no HFCS. It is still delicious. This is my second week on the 'program.' There have been some rough patches but, overall, it has not been a difficult task. I have found that I don't have the munchies nearly as often. I'm not sure if it is a result of all of the water I have been drinking or the higher nutritional value of the foods I have been eating. For example, even though Crunchy Cheetos do not contain HFCS, I have been snacking on raw green beans instead.

I have also signed up for a zumba class on Thursday nights for the next 6 weeks. In addition, I have a jazz funk class on Wednesday nights. With any luck, I'll be able to drop a couple of pounds by the time the zumba class ends. I'll try to remember to let everyone know my results.

Until then, here is a video of a lecture given by Robert Lustig about HFCS: