National Air and Space Museum

Another Smithsonian museum we hit while we were in DC was the National Air and Space Museum. There are actually two of these now. We went to the 'original' one and not the one outside the city.

This place is pretty much designed for geeks. Almost every exhibit has some sort of 'behind the scenes' aspect to it. In the airplane section, there's a cockpit (glassed off so you can't touch it) that shows how the controls work while the plane is landing or taking off. A video plays where the front window should be so you can fully understand what is happening. Of course, tons of people gather here but it was neat to see nonetheless.

There's also a lot of space exhibitions right now. One entire area consists of various pictures of the planets. Since the planets were covered in my daughter's science class in school, she thought this display was awesome. There's also an area where you can play ground control and launch a shuttle. In the same area, there is a trivia game that the three of us played. It was fun.

But the most popular area is the How Things Fly exhibit. Here kids of all ages can play games to see how things like lift work. There's even a scale so you can see your weight difference between a couple of the planets. Needless to say, when we returned to the museum for a second look around, this was where we spent most of our time.

Obviously, if you aren't into airplanes or space travel, this isn't the museum for you. However, if you have even a little bit of interest, you will have a great time. There's even a planetarium and an IMAX theater and a couple of simulator rides, just in case you find yourself getting bored. Air and Space isn't my favorite museum but it is in the top 10.