National Memory Screening Day

November 13, 1007 is National Memory Screening Day. My step-grandmother has Alzheimer's so she's recently had to be put into a full-time home for Alzheimer patients. The whole ordeal has caused a lot of problems for my aunt and my mother. (Mostly because my grandfather and his wife live in California while we all live in Pennsylvania.) That is why it is very important to get your memory tested. You can find a screening site in your area for you and your loved ones. It can be difficult to recognize the beginning signs of dementia and Alzheimer's. A good idea would be to read the Alzheimer's Foundation of America website for tips on the signs of the disease as well as tips on how to age well.

While it is important to find a cure for Alzheimer's, it is even more important to find proper care for those that suffer from the disease. Often times, patients require around-the-clock supervision so they don't wander away or injure themselves. Making a donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America is a good start to making sure that caregivers can give their patients the attention they need. It must be scary to not remember who you are or where you are. Let's all work together to take care of those that need our help.