New jobs can be scary

I'm kinda nervous. Recently, I applied for a job as a Zumba/dance teacher. It's totally something I could do so why am I nervous? Because I don't really have a lot of paper credentials to back up my experience. I have been dancing almost my entire life but I only have a handful of years of formal training. Most of my training has been in the theatre. As for Zumba, I got licensed in February to teach and I didn't start teaching until April. So that's only three months of teaching experience. However, I really want to leave my day job. One always hears about those soul-killing jobs. Yeah, that is what mine feels like. But I have to bring the money in to feed my daughter. So, yeah, I'm nervous. I just hope that the job I applied for isn't some scam housed in big metal buildings with big scary men. I want a good job that will pay me decently. Is that too much to ask for?