New York, New York

This past week has been a bit harsh on me. So I'm going to talk about the lovely time my daughter and I had in New York last weekend. We were in New York City for a Girl Scout trip to the American Girl store. There were three buses on the trip. Luckily, our bus was pretty quiet. (Considering we left at 7:30AM on a Saturday, I imagine a lot of the girls were still pretty tired.) When we arrived in the city, it was time for lunch at the American Girl cafe. The cafe has little chairs that clip onto the table so your doll can "eat" with you. (Yes, they give the dolls little place settings too.) This was the first time I've ever eaten in the cafe and the food was delicious. After lunch, my daughter purchased one of the dolls from the store then we headed out into the city.

There wasn't a lot that we wanted to do so we followed the other girls from my daughter's Junior troop. We hit up a lot of stores: Lego, NBC, M&M, Hershey, Toys R Us, and a NY Yankees shop. We got a Doctor Who shirt for my husband from the NBC store and my daughter got some Adventure Time dolls from Toys R Us.

Even though it was a very tiring day, both of us had a lot of fun. I can't wait until we can get back to New York.