No more water!

There is some massive flooding going on in my area of the state. Luckily, my house is on a bit of a hill so we are unlikely to have any flood problems ourselves. However, many of the bridges in/out of town are getting close to being underwater. Of course, there is supposed to be more rain tonight. The rain isn't supposed to stop until Monday. (I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday so my daughter can play tennis.) It will be terrible if the rain keeps going. A friend of mine showed me a site called My Drama List. You can keep track of what Asian dramas you have watched. As I was filling out My List, I realized that I am missing a few reviews on here. I could have sworn I wrote reviews for the three seasons of Trick but they aren't here. I'm not sure I remember the shows well enough to review them properly and I'm not even sure I could re-download them to re-watch them. I will have to figure out a good solution.