October snow?

I know I don't usually update on weekends but this is a little crazy. For the past few days, there was snow in the forecast for today. It varied anywhere from 2 to 10 inches. (Yay weathermen.) I can confidently say that most people figured this as a minor snow event. We would have some but not tons. Instead, we got tons. It is a really heavy wet snow that has been falling since about 9AM. My sister and I went to a master class for Hip Hop Hustle and it took us about an hour to get home. (It takes a half hour to get from my sister's to the location.) I even stuck it out at her house for awhile to see if the roads would get any better. They didn't but I managed to make it home in one piece without crashing my car.

Now I am going to get warm and waste some time looking at expensive, yet gorgeous, Sherri Hill prom dresses. I don't know anyone of prom age but I still like looking at the dresses.

Stay safe everyone!