Online schools

In case you couldn't tell from today's poll, I've had online colleges on my mind. One of the schools I looked at isn't too far from my house - The University of Scranton - and it has a Top 15 ranking by The Princeton Review. Though, I suppose how close the school is to my house shouldn't matter much when we're talking online classes... Anyway, I somehow stumbled into their online MBA program. It looks pretty interesting. The program can be completed in two years, which is awesome, and they waive the GMATs sometimes. I hate standardized tests like the SATs and the GMATs. And it looks like the school has all the proper accreditations from AACSB. That makes it look really good.

It wasn't until I read through everything about the courseload and costs and everything that I realized there is no way I could 'attend' the school for awhile. I don't even have my bachelors yet. I need to fasttrack that so I can get my masters!