PC-girl going Mac?

I've always been a PC girl. My Windows machine has always done pretty much what I wanted it to. Now I've run into somewhat of a snag. I do quite a bit of amateur voice acting and lately it's been a lot of singing parts. However, I can't get my Windows-based laptop to mix music properly. So I will be looking into getting a MacBook. I'm currently using Audacity for my voice recording needs. And it does a good job at recording. However, when you go to mix tracks, you can't manipulate one track while you have the other tracks open. Meaning: if you want to mix two vocal tracks with one instrumental track and one of the vocal tracks needs the volume raised. Audacity won't allow you to change the volume on JUST that track. You need to close the other two tracks, try to get the volume on the first track correct then reopen the other tracks to mix. It's time consuming and annoying. I end up with tracks that has the instrumental part too loud most of the time.

After talking to some friends that own Macs, I really like what GarageBand has to offer. I can have a bunch of tracks open and manipulate each track however I want. Of course, the main problem is the price. We purchased our Dell laptop just about a year ago so we're still paying that off, which makes a Mac a bit unaffordable at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to scratch together enough money to buy one soon. It would be nice to be able to work on the music stuff properly.

Granted, I'm not looking to change everything over to Mac. I still enjoy video games, which my PC does very well. But I'm not elitist. I know that certain machines do certain things better than other machines do. I'm OK with that. I just need to find which machine does what I want and does it well. And maybe I can branch out with some other media-based projects with it at the same time.