Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Every Labor Day weekend is Children's Weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We try to go every year and this year was no different. The cast members at the PA Ren Faire are awesome. Not only are they super friendly but they seem to genuinely love playing with the children. While my daughter and her friend were in line to get their Pirate Booty prizes from the treasure hunt, the actor playing Richard Burbage (Richard Furin) had a mini-marshmallow fight with some of the children. The kids loved it and he did as well. (Though he did have to run away when the children started to seriously outnumber him.) At the "Cake with the Queen" event, the children not only get cupcakes, they also get a chance to talk with Queen Elizabeth herself! (Well, as played by Jess Eppler, anyway.) She sits under a tree with a few members of her court and gives the children as much individual time as she can. She is a very busy Queen, after all.

But my favorite part of the Faire are the entertainers. Fool Hearty are our favorites. They perform three different shows - Fool School, a magic show, and an untrained dog show. Absolutely all of them are worth watching as often as possible. Giacomo the Jester was also very funny. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see his knife show as it was scheduled against the end of the treasure hunt. We also didn't get a chance to see the big joust this year but it is usually very good.

And, if enjoying a Ren Faire isn't good enough for you, there is also a winery and brew pub on-site. They even have a wine tasting weekend, if that is your thing.

I heartily recommend that you check out the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire if you happen to be in the area during the show season. You absolutely will not regret it. As proof, here is a picture of my husband with Fool Hearty during their Fool School show.