Perhaps a new TV?

I'm thinking about getting a new TV for my bedroom. The one we currently have is OK but it takes up a lot of space. I was trying to find some good deals on lcd tvs but I'm not sure I really want one with a screen that large. Our bedroom isn't huge and I'd hate to have a television take up a ton of room. Also, our cat spends most of her time in our bedroom. I don't really want something on an unsteady stand that she can knock over. Of course, the other 'problem' is that we don't actually watch a lot of television in our bedroom. It's mostly used by my daughter when she doesn't want to watch what we are watching downstairs. (In kid-speak, that means she wants to watch another re-run of "Good Luck Charlie" or "Shake It Up" and my husband and I can only stand watching one episode so many times before we have to tell her to turn it off.) And I can't remember the last time that TV set was turned on.

This is why it is so hard for me to make a decision. I see something I want and I like but then I rationalize it and turn it into a big deal. Gah!