Pinterest makes me collect crap

I am a crafter. I make tons of things and I have tons of supplies in various piles around my house. While the jewelry I make gets sold online and at craft shows, the things I make specifically for my daughter usually don't go any farther than her room. For example, I made her a Catbug (from The Bravest Warriors) plushie based on this pattern:

I've also tried getting photos transferred onto wood blocks. I think it would make an awesome present. But, for some reason, I just can't get it to work properly. I think I need more patience.

And I'm also learning how to make chainmail. It isn't very difficult. It is very time consuming though. I have faith that I'll get faster with more practice.

To all the crafters out there, what are some of your favorite Pinterest projects? Maybe I'll give them a try too!