Pittsburgh Soda Pop

Back in February, I told you that we bought a SodaStream. We still have the appliance and we still use it very often. While it seems that a lot of people hate the SodaStream flavors, we really love the sugar cane cola one. There are actually two versions of SodaStream cola - one is labelled "Cane Sugar" and one is not. I'm not sure if that is the only difference but you can definitely tell by the taste alone. Since we are always looking for things to try, I bought six sample bottles from Pittsburgh Soda Pop. The flavors I chose were: Steel City Cola, Black Cherry, Down in the Valley Dew, Orange Cream, Sourball Orange, and Suzie Q's Q-cumber. We haven't tried all six yet but I think we've tried enough to make a decision on this group.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of the review, you should know the price of the product. The sample bottles each make 1 liter of soda. If you have a SodaStream, that equals one bottle. You can buy three sample bottles for $6.00. The regular sized bottles make about 4 liters of soda and they cost $6.00 each. (Except for the root beer flavors. They are $7.00.) In comparison, the SodaStream cane sugar cola makes approximately 6 liters of soda and costs about $10. Of course, the big difference is that the PSP syrups have to be shipped to you (shipping for me cost about $6.00) where you can buy SodaStream flavors in many stores.

Overall, both my husband and I listed the flavors as "OK." My daughter liked the Orange Cream flavor, but she also likes anything that tastes like creamcicles. The Steel City Cola is probably our least favorite flavor. I'm not sure how to put my finger on exactly what is "wrong" with it. I think that maybe it isn't sweet enough for our tastes. The Black Cherry flavor was for me. While the taste is growing on me, I much prefer the Black Cherry flavor from the local Reading Draft Soda. (I will have to look into getting Reading Draft in syrup form.) The only two flavors we haven't tried are the Q-cucumber and Sourball Orange. Unfortunately, my husband screwed up making the Sourball Orange soda and forgot to carbonate the water first so we won't be able to taste that one properly.

In the end, I would drink these again if a glass was handed to me but I am unlikely to purchase these flavors for my family. After adding in shipping, the price is a bit too steep for regular use and the flavors aren't quite as satisfying as the SodaStream syrups.