Playing Host

18. Where I Take Out of Town Guests

We don't get a whole lot of out of town guests. I can only remember having one in the past 12 years. So I guess I'll have to talk about where I would take someone if they came to visit.

I guess the Philadelphia Zoo is a given. And the Adventure Aquarium is a pretty fun trip too. The Franklin Institute can be a good time for geeks like us but the exhibits are frequently broken. Or at least that has been our experience in the past decade or so. The Pagoda in Reading was cool when we took our daughter a couple of years ago. I'm not sure how interesting that would be though. It's basically just a mountain-side view of the city of Reading.

Anything beyond those few would depend on the interests of the guests. I wouldn't take someone who hates art to the Art Museum, for example. Besides, sometimes just cruising around the countryside is a better trip than checking out the tourist spots.