Review: Warm Bodies

warm_bodies We actually went to see Warm Bodies on opening weekend. Life has just been too busy to write the review! So here it is:

Warm Bodies is a different type of zombie movie. Instead of being horror or action, it's a romance movie. R (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie who wants more out of life death. He meets human Julie (Teresa Palmer) while her team is foraging for medicine. Despite his desperate need to eat brains, R saves Julie from the other zombies. Soon Julie notices that R is getting better. Somehow, his love for her has restarted his heartbeat and is turning him back into a human. And it's affecting the other zombies as well!

The previews for Warm Bodies were awesome. We knew right away that we needed to see it. And we weren't disappointed! There is a bit of action in the movie - Julie's dad, played by John Malkovich, is a general and prone to shooting things before looking at them - but don't expect it to be the main plot of the film. If you can still catch it in the theater, I highly recommend it. If not, buy the Blu-Ray or DVD!