Samsung Epic

For my birthday, my husband upgraded my cell phone (an LG Lotus) to a Samsung Epic. While the phone got rave reviews, I wasn't sure if it was for me. Personally, I prefer flip phones...even though they are a dying breed in the US. Despite my dislike of smart phones, I am finding myself warming up to it. I like being able to watch YouTube videos or play Hangman while my daughter is at swim class. (My husband has an app on his HTC phone for a barcode scanner, which is neat but I don't know that I would ever use it.) The camera/camcorder is also much better than the one on the Lotus. The one downfall is that it just isn't pretty. I'm planning on looking around for a case for it...but out of the box, it's just plain and boring and blah. At least my Lotus was a cute purple with flower designs. I know that comes off as very girly but, in reality, I enjoy having things that look different from everyone else. No one I knew had a purple phone or a Lotus (which also comes in red or black) in general. But that is something that is easily fixable.

Overall, I really do like my Epic. My favorite part is the slide-out Qwerty keyboard. I don't like the touchscreen keyboard so it's nice to have the option to use a "real" keyboard if I want. If it is within your budget (it is a rather expensive phone), I highly recommend it.