As I'm sure you've figured out, I like reading about various weight loss fads. I came across something called Chili Burn this morning. Thinking that it was something completely different, I read some chili burn reviews. It is almost exactly as it sounds - chili powder. There are some other things mixed in there (green tea, ginger root, peppermint, etc.) but, despite having more green tea than chili pepper in it, the idea is that the hotness of the chili will burn off the pounds. I don't think I would want to even try a chili powder tablet. There is no conclusive proof that it would work anyway. The only ingredient proven to help with weight loss is the green tea and there isn't enough of it in the tablet to work. Thanks to its crappy marketing scheme, it's not allowed in the US right now. So it's mostly being marketed to Canada. Watch out Canadians!