Sleep would be nice.

8. How I Feel Today


Our weekends this month are extremely packed. Today's schedule? My daughter has her bowling league every Saturday so that went from 9AM - 11AM. When I got home, I did the first load of dishes. While that was running, I got to take a mini-nap. Then we ran out to the mall with my husband. He couldn't find anything he wanted so we hit up Target. The dogs needed food, meaning a trip to Petco. A quick dinner then my daughter has to run off to school. The technology club she is a member of is running a bake sale at tonight's middle school play performance. (They are doing "Alice in Wonderland.") That is 6PM - 9PM. I think my husband and I are going grocery shopping while she is bake saleing.

Tomorrow will be filled with dresses. We have to find bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding in September. After the dress shopping, I have to take my daughter back to the bowling alley to pre-bowl her league game for next Saturday because that day is packed with events too.

I guess you can sleep when you're dead?