South Park

Our DirecTV DVR has been on the fritz lately. It frequently freezes the picture when you play back a recorded episode. My husband downloaded a fix for it but we're not sure it actually fixed anything. To test it out, we watched the latest episode of South Park that we recorded the other night. In case you didn't watch it, it was on those Cash 4 Gold places. While it was quite funny, it was a also a little sad. Stan's grandpa and other old people would spend thousands of dollars to buy gold jewelry from the home shopping networks. They would give the jewelry to loved ones who would then sell it at the Cash 4 Gold places. The show ripped into everyone involved in the whole scheme from beginning to end. But the sad part is that it showed how lonely the elderly are and that they really just want to spend some time with loved ones. Everyone should watch the episode and not just for the laughs.