Sporty Things

Now that it is October, I'm starting to get notices from my daughter's school about the various types of sports she can sign up for. The most recent one was about Cheerleading (for the girls) or Football (for the boys). I don't live in a progressive enough area for girls to be on the football team. Not that it really matters, my daughter is into dancing more than sports right now. But this form did make me think about what she might want to do in the future. I was never a big sports person myself. I did play Girls' Football (we called it Powder Puff) when I was in high school but that was a huge one-time event. It wasn't anything we did for an entire season. So what if my daughter decides that she doesn't want to dance anymore? Granted, I'll support her no matter what she decides to do but I have to admit that I do love the fact that she enjoys dancing. I like dancing myself. I guess we'll see what happens when she gets older. Maybe she'll dislikes sports as much as her mom.