Still Hanging On!

It is almost the end of the school year. A lot of my free time is currently being eaten up by my daughter's activities. Last Thursday was her band concert. Last night was her chorus concert. Next week is Field Day. In a couple of weeks, recital. Unfortunately, that means that my jdorama-watching is going very slowly. I am still watching Hito ni Yasashiku but I'm only up to the third episode. I'm going to try really hard to get the series finished before the end of May. Please bear with me. Until then, I give you some North Face Clothing to drool over. Some of their stuff is super cute. I particularly like the Eat My Dust Sport Tank. You know, I never thought I would be the type of person that spends a lot of time looking at exercise clothes. Now I spend way too much time trying to find something cute yet inexpensive. (Sorry, $75 for pants is way too expensive!) Anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive cute workout clothes?