Summer fun

I went tubing with my daughter, my husband, my sister, her boyfriend, and two of my cousins on the Schuylkill River on Tuesday. Despite not liking water-based activities, we had a good time. My daughter, my husband, and I had a raft, while everyone else had inner tubes. It took us about three hours to float down the river. During that time, we saw two turtles, a ton of fish, a Great Blue Heron, and some hawks. There was also tons of junk from humans too. Every time we floated over an old tire, my sister would yell out "TIRE!" It turned into a bit of a game for everyone.

Not being much of a water person, I had to go buy a new bathing suit for the excursion. Luckily, I managed to find one that I adore. It's really a swim dress but it doesn't look like it belongs on a grandmother. It's pretty darn cute. I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses. While I wish I could afford a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses, mine are just cheapo $20 Walmart sunglasses. That way I won't feel awful if they get lost or broken.

Anyway, tubing can be a great day of fun if you're with the right people. I'm not sure how popular it is outside of Pennsylvania but if you get a chance to try it, go!