Super Lame

I am super lame. I didn't finish the Ranma 1/2 jdorama over the weekend. Partly because I'm not really liking the special, which is depressing me. Instead, I spent the weekend celebrating my daughter's bowling trophies. She bowls in a Saturday morning league and received two trophies. Her team finished in first place and she had the high series. Of course, now I kinda want to bowl too. My husband used to be in a league but he hasn't bowled regularly in a long time. However, my mother, my stepfather, my sister, my sister's boyfriend, and his mother all bowl together on Thursday nights. I feel a little left out. Granted, I teach Zumba on Thursday nights so I can't bowl with them but I could join a different league. I want to say that I'd do my own thing, like blues guitar lessons, but then I'd still feel left out. Oh, decisions!