February Favorite #4: Dog Instagram!

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love dogs. Of course, that means I follow a LOT of dogs on social media. Today’s February Favorite will be the dogs I follow on Instagram. These are the dogs that always bring a smile to my face, no matter how awful my day has been. I hope they will bring you some happiness as well.

The dog above is Charles A. VanGogh. He is a 7-year old corgi with quite a few health problems. But that doesn’t stop him from being awesome. He’s probably most well known as the winner of season two of the Try Guy’s Barkchsler series. My daughter and I were ecstatic that he won. And now you can love him too.

This is Maple and Morty. They are corgis and who doesn’t freaking love corgis? They tend to post more videos than pictures, which makes me very happy. Corgis have GIANT personalities that need sound to really get the point across. I love them a lot.

It’s The Golden Ratio! Yes, there are FIVE golden retrievers in this house. We have Venkman (Team Chaos), Jasmine (the nihilist), Queso (who has the best face-o), Hopper T Dog (in love with GR Dad and a rock), and Maggie (the schmiegy one). The Golden Ratio mom is very active on all of the social media platforms so you will see the gang pop up again later this month. If you are looking for some dog accounts to follow, you can’t go wrong with them.

The last one I want to share with you is Blanche Shlesinger. Her owner is Iliza Schlesinger, a super funny comedian. (We saw her - and Blanche! - when she came to Philly.) Iliza has a separate Instagram account for herself where Blanche will appear occasionally, but Blanche’s Instagram is the place to be. I mean, she is literally waiting for you…to feed her chickies but she’s still waiting. Get on that.

OK. Because they are all good dogs, I’m going to throw some more links at you:
Peppers The Corgi

Favorite Friday - May 23

I am trying to bring back the Favorite Friday feature. There are a LOT of YouTube channels that I follow and I would love to share them with you. Mental Floss is one of my favorites. Usually hosted by John Green, the channel does trivia lists about everything and anything. This week's list was 47 Charming Things About Children's Books (though most of the facts were about the authors and not the books themselves). Enjoy!

Favorite Friday

As you read this, I am on my way to New York City to see the new Disney Broadway play, Aladdin. My daughter, my aunt, and I will be spending three days roaming around the city. While I won't be blogging over the weekend, there will probably be some new photos on my Instagram account and I will be posting about our travels next week. Until then, enjoy this preview of the show.

Favorite Friday

Because this week has been absolutely insane, I am going to give you some Favorite Friday videos today. This is a band that actually really exists. For reals. You will wonder when I went insane then you will fall madly in love with them. Today I give you - BABYMETAL

And, as a bonus, here is a recent Fine Brothers production - YouTubers react to BABYMETAL

Favorite Friday

Because I am in a bit of a silly mood and I am very happy that it is Friday, I am giving you a silly video today. It could probably use a bit of background though. Gackt appeared on Arashi's television show as a "older brother." His job was to give the boys some sort of advice on life. Gackt, being Gackt, decided to teach them how to woo a woman. In this particular segment, he was telling them to eat very spicy food...you'll see why at the end. Imagine that the Arashi boys are supposed to be women out on a date with Gackt.

*giggle* I wonder if any of the boys needed some sort of discount dental supplies to help them keep their mouths in tact after eating the spicy food. Gackt likes his food super spicy so I can only imagine the face-melting feeling they got!