Mid-season hiatus

A lot of shows are starting their mid-season hiatus this week. That means we won't be seeing any new episodes until after the new year. Last night, I watched Chuck, Heroes and My Own Worst Enemy. Granted, My Own Worst Enemy has been cancelled so it's gone for good. Heroes was uninteresting. I'd like to see more of Hiro, Ando and Daphne and less of Claire and the Petrellis. Meanwhile, Chuck remains my absolute favorite show. Let's hear your side. What did you love or hate this season?

We can be heroes

Since our daughter was staying at her grandparents' house this weekend, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to pick up City of Heroes again. Well, this time we're playing City of Villains but it's the same game. We've been playing with a few of his World of Warcraft guildmates and it's been tons of fun. I hope that I don't get too addicted to it again! (Don't worry, I still take care of my daughter. It's the mundane things like washing dishes that get pushed to the side.) I forgot just how fun the game was!

TV review: Heroes season 3

Despite a terrible second season due to last year's writers strike, the third season of Heroes debuted with a two-hour premiere last night. As a whole, I didn't think it was too bad. There were some "What the hell" moments where I wanted to reach into the television and smack a few characters upside the head. I guess that just goes with the series overall. I'm interested to see what they do with the villains this season. To be honest, I'm finding our heroes (specifically Claire and Nathan) rather boring. They need to do something to step it up a bit. They've had plenty of time to get used to having powers. I'm ready for them to stop whining about it now. I wish I could say I have high hopes for this show. I'm really just hoping they don't screw it up.