My Podcast List

One of my goals for this year was to consume less true crime media. To accomplish this. I deleted a few of the many murder podcasts I listened to both during my commute and my workday. Here is a list of my favorite podcasts:

Comedy Podcasts:
Dear Hank and John - Brothers Hank and John Green give dubious advice to their listeners. They also give you some news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon.
Delete This - Hank Green discusses his weekly Twitter feed with his wife Katherine.
How Did This Get Made - Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas discuss terrible movies.

Welcome to Night Vale - A community radio show hosted by Cecil Gershwin Palmer that shares all of the strange happenings in Night Vale.
Mythology - An audio drama recounting various mythological stories from around the world.

True Crime:
My Favorite Murder - A true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.
Criminal - While most true crime podcasts are about murder, Criminal tells stories about crime. Sometimes the stories are sad; sometimes the stories are silly, but they are all illegal in some way.
Small Town Murder - A more graphic true crime comedy podcasts about murders that happen in small towns around the United States.

The Golden Ratio - Jen and Ingo, owners of the five best golden retrievers in the world, ramble on about the dogs, their lives, and whatever else pops into their heads.
The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green reviews random things on a 5-star scale.
The HoneyDew - Ryan Sickler discusses the highlights and lowlights of both his life and the lives of his guests.

I do have a few other podcasts that I use as fillers when I have run out of new episodes of these shows. (I have a one-hour commute to work each way and an eight-hour workday….) But they aren’t really my favorite podcasts. And, yes, I did cut out a handful of murder podcasts. If you are interested in hearing the podcasts I cut out, leave a comment below. It’s not that I didn’t like those shows, I just needed a better mental space.

Now I need to know - what are your favorite podcasts? New shows are always welcome here!

February Favorite #4: Dog Instagram!

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love dogs. Of course, that means I follow a LOT of dogs on social media. Today’s February Favorite will be the dogs I follow on Instagram. These are the dogs that always bring a smile to my face, no matter how awful my day has been. I hope they will bring you some happiness as well.

The dog above is Charles A. VanGogh. He is a 7-year old corgi with quite a few health problems. But that doesn’t stop him from being awesome. He’s probably most well known as the winner of season two of the Try Guy’s Barkchsler series. My daughter and I were ecstatic that he won. And now you can love him too.

This is Maple and Morty. They are corgis and who doesn’t freaking love corgis? They tend to post more videos than pictures, which makes me very happy. Corgis have GIANT personalities that need sound to really get the point across. I love them a lot.

It’s The Golden Ratio! Yes, there are FIVE golden retrievers in this house. We have Venkman (Team Chaos), Jasmine (the nihilist), Queso (who has the best face-o), Hopper T Dog (in love with GR Dad and a rock), and Maggie (the schmiegy one). The Golden Ratio mom is very active on all of the social media platforms so you will see the gang pop up again later this month. If you are looking for some dog accounts to follow, you can’t go wrong with them.

The last one I want to share with you is Blanche Shlesinger. Her owner is Iliza Schlesinger, a super funny comedian. (We saw her - and Blanche! - when she came to Philly.) Iliza has a separate Instagram account for herself where Blanche will appear occasionally, but Blanche’s Instagram is the place to be. I mean, she is literally waiting for you…to feed her chickies but she’s still waiting. Get on that.

OK. Because they are all good dogs, I’m going to throw some more links at you:
Peppers The Corgi