February Favorite #11: Dog Twitter


Last Monday, I gave you my favorite dog Instagram accounts. Since Mondays usually suck, I’m going to give you my favorite dog Twitter accounts today! After all, dogs make everything better!

Bunsen Berner, BMD - Bunsen is a Bernese Mountain dog. He’s also a scientist! OK, his dad is a scientist. I believe he’s a high school chemistry teacher. Bunsen frequently hands out science facts and debunks the science fiction on his Twitter. And he’s freaking adorable when he does it. The world needs more dogs like Bunsen.

Theo-sophy - Theo is a philosophy doggo. Every day, he gives a super positive pup tip of the day. He is also freaking adorable. (OK, spoiler alert, all of the dogs are freaking adorable. That is why they are on my list.) Theo is always good for a Monday morning pick-me-up.

The Golden Ratio - Yes, these golden retrievers were on my Instagram list. However, GR Mom Jen also has a Twitter account for them. (Each of the girls has their own Twitter account but I don’t think they are updated very often.) They also have a Snapchat and YouTube channel (where they upload the snaps).

Oh My Corgi! - While the other accounts have a specific dog (or dog family) behind them, this one is all adorable corgis. It posts both pictures and videos of corgis being cute.

Lincoln the Dachshund - I started following Lincoln fairly recently. From what I can tell so far, he doesn’t necessarily post every day but when he does post, watch out for the cuteness! It just might kill you!

These are my very favorite dog Twitterers. But I always have room in my feed for more! Leave a comment with your favorite dog Twitter accounts.