A question for you

Since the new relaunch of The Geek Within, I have been struggling to figure out what I should talk about here. There will always be reviews of movies and TV shows and whatnot. And I am going to talk about the various subscription boxes that will be arriving on my doorstep. But are you interested in the other stuff? Last year, I started a tumblr account where I planned on posting reviews of random things I purchased. Then I kinda forgot about tumblr. Would you like to see those reviews posted here? What other sort of things would you like me to talk about? Should I go back to posting individual episode reviews instead of just a series?

Help! Post your wants and needs in the comments!

Back Online

Some of you may have noticed that the website was down all day yesterday. My husband upgraded our server and there were extreme difficulties in getting our old blog software running again. As such, we have switched from the Serendipity blog software to WordPress. This means that I will be spending the next couple of days reworking the entire site. Thank you for your patience!

Things will get better

I know I'm been lacking in the posting department this week. I managed to catch a cold earlier this week and it is just now starting to go away. Since I've been sick, I haven't been doing a whole lot worth discussing. I've been putting off watching the final episode of HanaKimi. I'll be sure to watch it soon so the review can go up next week. There will probably be a few more music posts in the next couple of days. And I will probably have some sort of an announcement coming up soonish. Until then, please bear with me and my stuffy nose. I will resume posting as soon as I can breathe properly.

Return of the Geek

Now that our house guest has left the state, we can get back to business. We did accomplish some semi-geeky things this weekend. That is, if you consider educational excursions geeky. On Saturday, the gang headed over to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. I hadn't been there since they made the big change from the Camden Aquarium to Adventure Aquarium. It was a neat trip. They have an area where you can touch some of the animals. I thought it was a little weird to have shrimp to handle but those that touched them said it felt cool. Unfortunately, the Swim With The Sharks area was closed. According to the sign, it will be back on September 22. We watched the seals getting fed and my daughter got her face painted like a Mermaid Princess, which took me forever to scrub the sparkles off her face. The only down side of the trip was that the previously free Children's Garden now costs a whopping $3.50 to get into. Otherwise we all had a great time and I can't wait to go back to see what Swimming With The Sharks is like.

For Sunday's adventure, we hit up two museums. First, we went to the Franklin Institute Science Museum. I've always loved visiting this place. My husband and I came here on our honeymoon. Sadly, most of the exhibits weren't functioning then. However, since there is currently a King Tut exhibit that brings in tons of people, the older exhibits have been retooled so they work properly. My personal favorite is the Giant Heart. It's basically a huge walk-through heart that shows you the path that your blood takes through the heart. When I was a kid, it used to be in a room all by itself. Now there is a huge health and wellness area around it with skeletons and x-ray machines and all sorts of neat gadgets. I think this may be my favorite room in the entire museum.

After we finished being science nerds, we headed over to The Academy of Natural Sciences. I think we mostly went for the butterflies. While we were watching the butterflies flying around us, the boys were lucky enough to have some land on their hair. (I believe this is because the boys have lighter hair while all the girls present had dark hair.) My daughter is currently on a bit of a dinosaur kick so she really enjoyed looking at the dinosaur bones and trying to identify the various types.

It was a really awesome weekend where everyone got to see and do something they enjoyed. Since my daughter just started kindergarten last week, this was a great opportunity to learn some things she probably won't learn for a couple of years. There were definitely enough geeks around to explain something to her if she didn't understand! Whether you are an adult or a child, if you are in the Philadelphia area, please try to take a day or two to visit some of these wonderful museums. I can pretty much guarantee you will have a good time.

The Status of The Geek

Hi everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the various reviews that I've been posting. Things will be pretty slow around here for the next couple of days. A friend of the family is coming to visit so we will all be really busy for awhile. I plan on watching and reviewing the second live-action Nana movie next week the moving onto the Trick series. As always, if you have any ideas for jdorama series for me to review or music that you'd like me to talk about or pretty much anything you'd like to see on The Geek Within, feel free to email me your suggestions!

Link Exchange

Do you have a website that you think geeks would enjoy? Maybe you'd like to advertise your blog a bit. The Geek Within would like to offer a link exchange to any sort of website/blog/forum/whatever out there. Simply send me an email with your name and URL. If you have linked us somewhere on the front page of your site, I will link back to you. When linking to The Geek Within, please use http://thegeekwithin.com as the URL.

Finding a place in cyberspace

I'm not really sure what I want to do with this space yet. I already have a ton of different blogs for different things. I have a music blog and a jdorama blog and a personal blog. So what do I want to do here? I suppose I can post about geeky type news things but that is kinda boring and you can get news in a ton of other places. I guess I'll just play it by hand until I get a good feeling for this place.

On the geeky news front, Sony has dropped the price of the PS3 by $100. We still don't plan on buying one. Maybe if it were to drop a bit farther or if something truly amazing came out on it. As it is, we are really happy with the Xbox 360 and Wii we currently have.