Plunger gun!

I talked about my Xbox 360 yesterday morning. Today it's the Wii's turn. The family stopped by GameStop this past weekend to check out the games. My daughter, of course, looked at the Wii accessories. Specifically, the plunger gun for Raving Rabbids. She loves that game and she thought the gun was hysterical. It is pretty funny looking. I wonder how well it actually works. I know some of the other accessories aren't very good. It would be terrible if the plunger gun sucked too.

Wii Fit

My husband puchased the Wii Fit the other night. We've only had it two days and it's already killing me! Yesterday morning, we set up our fitness sheets. It asks you how tall you are then it weighs you and asks you to do some balance exercises. Based on all of this, you are told your BMI (body mass index) and your "fitness age." You can also see your weight if you wish.

However, BMI is a very flawed system. It doesn't take into account how much muscle or what type of body you have. As a result, I was listed as "obese" when I am definitely not in that category. Overweight? Yes. Obese? No. It would be nice if there was a setting for body type at least.

Yesterday night, I started my official workout schedule. I did a bit of yoga, some aerobic exercises and some balance exercises. I did not do the strength section. My favorite exercise, by far, is the aerobic step section. It's almost like Dance Dance Revolution but on a stair! I also enjoyed the hula hoop aerobic exercise as well. In the end, my half hour left me a little sweaty but not out of breath.

Last night was night two of my workout schedule. I warmed up with the yoga stretches before moving onto strength exercises and finishing off with some light aerobics and balance. I could definitely feel my "core" muscles working. My back is a little sore today as a result. It's nothing terrible but I think the yoga exercises, which is supposed to work on your posture and balance, have forced my back muscles to work a little bit harder.

Overall, I am really enjoying using the Fit so far. I'm planning on doing at least a half hour workout every day. I'll try my best to keep all of you informed of my progress!