Thanksgiving is almost over.

So the givings of thanks is almost over. It was a pretty nice day. My daughter and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade until my husband got annoyed at our mini-naps (dude, that this is FOREVER long and it takes FOREVER for them to get to the good stuff) and turned on a Mythbusters episode we had on the DVR. Then we went to my in-laws' for dinner, which was not awful. Then we went to my aunt's in order to play some board games, but they decided they didn't want to play any so we ended up sitting around and talking for a couple of hours. I think this may be the earliest we have ever been home on a holiday. Tomorrow is my birthday. (Sorry Black Friday, you are getting kicked to the background.) The PA Renaissance Faire is having their holiday Open House this weekend and I'd like to go to see if there are some gifts I'd like to buy for my family. And maybe I'll browse around for kitchen faucets because we could really use a new one. Heck, we could use a whole new house.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!