The blue waters of the Caribbean

My sister is currently on vacation in China. I know! I'd love to go to China but I can't. So, instead, I am looking at Caribbean cruises. That would be better than China, right? I'm usually not too big on water-related travel. Even thinking of a cruise is odd for me. But my mom, who has been on a cruise, said that the ships are so big that you don't even know you're on a boat and some of these rooms do look awesome.

Doesn't that look relaxing and comfortable? Not to mention that there's a spa on the ship. That means massages and facials. That might take my mind off being on a boat completely! And we'd eventually get off the boat too. I could go horseback riding on the beach or do that Atlantis Aquaventure thing, though I don't think I'd swim with dolphins. It sounds nice but...yeah...water.

Have any of you been on a cruise before? Is it something I'd be freaking out about or am I making too big of a deal out of it?