The Cape: Dice

A new foe appears on the scene. But she's not quite a villain.

Flashback! Peter Fleming talks with ....a scientist? An engineer? I'm not really sure. They are discussing a young girl named Tracey. She is a savant who sees the world in probabilities, giving her the ability to basically see the future. She correctly predicts every throw of the dice, as well as predicting that Fleming will kill her father and she will kill Peter.

Fast forward ten years and Ark is about the debut a new type of artificial intelligence called T.R.A.C.E. (pronounced Tracey, of course). The device will give you the answer to any question you ask. If you ask "What color shirt will I wear on Tuesday?", it will calculate the probabilities and tell you that it will be "blue." Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch.

Now an adult, Tracey, going by the name Dice, shows up to assassinate Fleming. He barely escapes alive. Orwell and Vince watch the security tape from the event and Vince figures out the true identity of Dice. Together, Orwell and Vince go to her apartment to find out what Dice is up to. She finds the do-gooders and attacks. Vince chases her into the basement, where Ark's men pick her up.

Fleming, for some reason, is intrigued by Dice. Of course, she tries to kill him again. This time it is The Cape that saves him. Orwell pointed out that if Dice kills Fleming, there will be no way for Vince to clear his name. So now it's up to The Cape to protect Fleming from the deadly woman.

Orwell watches video of Dice staring at the Ark building for two hours straight. With the upcoming debut of T.R.A.C.E., Vince knows the party will be where her next attack takes place. Unfortunately, due to all of the attempts on Fleming's life, security will be on alert. He turns to the Carnival to help him. Ruvi the hypnotist and Raia the tightrope walker decide to help him learn how to tightrope walk from the top of one building to the next. When the time comes, he just barely makes it across the gap.

Dice has filled an elevator with gas and plans to use that to blow everything up. Again, The Cape saves the day. He gets all of the innocent people out of the way before saving Fleming's life once more. However, he does not save the T.R.A.C.E. technology. He blows that up himself. Meanwhile, Orwell handcuffs Dice to the handrail in the stairwell, effectively letting Ark capture her without being captured herself.

What to say about this episode.... It was OK. I thought Dice's visions were very well done. However, things were a little too convenient. Supposedly, Vince/The Cape wasn't in her visions. If she could predict the future so well, she should have known he would be there. Even when she found out about The Cape's existence, she never takes him into account. She watched him save Fleming at least once yet never tried to account for that in future plans. I think I'd like to see her again but only if her mistakes get corrected.