The Hunger Games

My daughter and I accompanied my husband to see The Hunger Games at Movie Tavern yesterday morning. I am totally not built for a 9AM movie on a Sunday morning. It absolutely killed the rest of the day. Anyway, the movie was decent. While I did not read the books, my husband did. (Well, he listened to the audiobooks.) We both enjoyed the movie, though I think there were some things that were glazed over a bit. For example, I'm sure that Gale (played by Miley Cyrus' boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth) had a reason for existing. However, all he did was give Katniss some bread, vaguely take care of Primrose, and mope a whole lot. He could have been cut from the entire movie with no consequence. Meanwhile, I don't think they mentioned Effie's name once.

Overall, it was a good action movie. Some of the fighting sequences were difficult to follow because they just seemed to be a blur of skin and clothes but that also showed the desperation the tributes felt. Since I hadn't read the books beforehand, I did expect a slightly different ending. Now I'm interested to see where the series goes.