The Status of Me

I know I've been really quiet lately. We've had a lot of changes this summer. My husband started a new job about three months ago, which has been going very well, but has brought on a lot of changes. (Maybe I'll be able to start my own home based business so I can stop working in an office as a grunt.) Also, my daughter's schedule has been very hectic. She's taking a dance class this summer, as well as continuing her swimming lessons. And, while she does spend a few weeks at my in-laws' house, I end up missing her terribly during those weeks so I don't get a lot accomplished. Needless to say, summer is heading to a close. We have a vacation coming up (more about that in another post) then a quick weekend trip then school starts again. With any luck, I'll be back on track doing the things that I love - listening to music, watching jdoramas, and writing. This summer has gone by fast!