Tin Man - Part 2

I got to sit down and watch the second part of SciFi's Tin Man last night. I have to say that I liked the second part much better than the first. Obviously, the first third of the series was intended to introduce everyone to the characters and their surroundings. That alone tends to make a very boring story, especially when these are based on characters that we already know. In this part of the trilogy, we find out why Azkadallia is evil and DG's role in the O.Z. We also find out why Glitch's brain was stolen plus there's a bit of insight into Raw's character. After wondering how they were going to work him into the series, we finally get to meet Toto, though he's quite a bit different from the barking dog we're familiar with.

I don't want to give any spoilers away for those who, like me, weren't able to watch the show on it's original air date. I am definitely looking forward to the last part of the series. I think I may even be a bit sad when it ends.