Tin Man - Part 3

After what seems like forever, I finally got to watch the ending for Tin Man. While the miniseries started out slow, I enjoyed the ending. There were a lot more references to the musical Wizard of Oz movie in this part. I think the biggest downside for the series was SciFi's marketing of it. In all of the commercials I've seen for the past few months, they've been calling it a "re-imagining" of The Wizard of Oz. Meanwhile, it's closer to a sequel than anything. Not a direct sequel but a sequel that takes place a long time after the original story ended. So I imagine that a lot of people were disappointed and there's probably a lot of people that didn't stick around to watch the third part, where they make a direct reference to the Dorothy of the first book. I think I would have preferred to see this as an actual series though. Perhaps with a one-hour timeslot. It would have been nice to have a bit more information on the Queen (I don't think she ever gets a name) and Raw and even Glitch. We learn a lot about Glitch but we only see a little bit of who he was before his brain was stolen. It would also be nice to see where things will go now. What will happen to the three friends? We get a pretty decent ending for DG, Az and their parents but we get nothing on the others. I doubt that we will see any sort of sequel to this so we'll just have to imagine what happens to them.