Today will be awful

This is my prediction for today. Today will be awful. It started out with me waking up feeling awful. I really, truly hope that I am not getting sick. I don't have time to be sick. Add to that the gross weather. It's not raining yet but the roads are wet enough to make my windshield dirty and difficult to see through. Then I had problems with my debit card when I stopped for gas. When I got into work and looked at the menu for today's birthday lunch (we celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis so today would be for me and one of my co-workers), of the 5 things ordered, I don't eat 3 of them which I specifically noted when the coordinators were asking us what we'd like to have. *sigh*

I really wish I could toss on a set of comfy nursing scrubs and curl up in a corner. My work clothes are annoying and I hate wearing them. We don't have customers that come into the office so I'm not really sure why we need to have a business casual office. We need a casual-casual office.

Let's hope today gets better.