Top That!

TeenWitch Today is the 25th anniversary of the spectacular 80s movie, Teen Witch. Man, that makes me feel old. If you haven't seen this movie, you are seriously missing out.

Teen Witch is the story of Louise Miller (Robin Lively), a nerdy 15-year old girl. One day, she meets Madame Serena (the amazing Zelda Rubenstein) who is amazed to find out that Louise is a reincarnated witch. On Louise's 16th birthday, her witch powers return to her, giving her the ability to grant all of her wildest dreams. Of course, what you dream isn't always what you really want.

I fully admit that this movie is completely hokey. Don't believe me? Watch this:

Not only is that a really real scene in the movie, it is the best scene in the movie. You will now be rapping Top That for the rest of the week. You are welcome.

And, look, Mental Floss even did a "Where Are They Now" bit on the cast last year:

I think the movie is (sadly) DVD-only on Netflix. But if you can get yours hands on a copy? Watch it. You'll love it.