TV review: Alice

Wow. This review is extraordinarily late. Back in December, 2009, the SyFy channel aired Alice, a re-imagining of the Alice In Wonderland story. My husband and I enjoyed their version of Tin Man so we gave Alice a fair chance. (Unfortunately, we took so long to watch it because my daughter wanted to watch it with me and, well, she's a very busy girl.)

As usual, there were things I absolutely loved and hated about it. The Mad Hatter (Andrew Lee Potter) was brilliant. I think that watching the entire show was worth it JUST for him. Matt Frewer also gave a wonderful performance as the White Knight. I also liked the little touches that made Wonderland...Wonderland. On the down side, the flamingo aircycles were odd. They served a purpose but it seemed like they could have used something better. Also, the White Rabbit pretty much disappeared after the beginning of the show. I would have liked to have seen him just a bit more.

In comparison, I liked Tin Man much better than Alice. However, Alice wasn't a waste of my time. I didn't feel cheated or anything like that. Then again, I blame the Mad Hatter. He was just too awesome for words.