TV Review: My Own Worst Enemy

When I was younger, I had a huge crush on Christian Slater. I would even sit through a terrible movie just because he was in it. When I heard that he was starring in a new television show, there were many fangirl moments. Luckily, my husband was intrigued by the show's premise and wanted to watch it as well. My Own Worst Enemy is about a secret agent named Edward Albright. Edward does all the spy things: sniping someone from an empty building, having sex with the hot female enemy and having lots of secrets. One of his secrets is that he is also Henry Spivy, a normal working man with a wife and two kids. Henry does not know about Edward. Henry is Edward's undercover personality. Somehow, the organization has figured out a way to force a person into a split personality. When Edward "goes to sleep," Henry "wakes up." When Henry is woken via a computer program, the computer also implants false memories to explain the time away from his family. (He travels a lot for work.)

First - Christian Slater is still hot. Second - the show was pretty interesting. The debut episode dealt with the problems that arose when Henry suddenly wakes up in the middle of one of Edward's missions. Since Henry was not aware that he is a split personality, it came as quite a shock to him. He seems to have dealt with it in a very rational manner and I'm curious to see where the writers will go from here.

I also have to curse NBC for putting all their interesting shows on Monday nights. Spread the love out across the whole week man!