TV review: Secret Talents of the Stars

I haven't watched a reality TV show in awhile. When I saw the previews for Secret Talents of the Stars, I just knew I had to watch it. The basic premise is that some famous people have some talents that we don't know about. Last night at 10PM was the premiere episode. The first episode featured ice skater Sasha Cohen, country singer Clint Black, actor George Takei and singer Mya. Before I talk about their talents, I really want to question what gets counted as a "talent." It seems that it's just something you can do that you aren't known for. I'm not sure that some of these things count as actual talents but let's continue.

Sasha Cohen starts off the show. Her talent is a contortionist routine. She's very bendy so she gets paired up with professional Chinese contortionists and they do a routine. It's nice but rather boring. Next up is George Takei. He's going to sing some country music. Sadly, he massacres "On The Road Again." Poor George. I wanted him to do good. Clint Black is next with a comedy routine. Every performer gets a mentor to work with. Clint was paired up with Garry Shandling. I was very surprised to see that Clint was actually pretty funny. Granted, he needs to work on his delivery a bit but, c'mon, this is the first time he's performed stand-up in front of a crowd. He did really well considering how difficult that can be. The night ends with Mya's tap dancing talent. She did OK but this wasn't anything particularly amazing.

It is interesting to see stars do something different. However, I'm not sure that being bendy is a talent. The same goes for singing country music badly. (Sorry George, I can't see you singing any country song well.) I think there are 6 more episodes to go and I want to see what other talents get rolled out. I also want to see what will happen in the next round. Will Sasha do the same routine or will she work on getting better? Let's see how long this show can keep my interest.