Unlucky with iPods

A couple of years ago, I had a great iPod. Then it was stolen. My husband bought a new iPod and one day, it just stopped working. We took it into the Apple Store to be replaced but they would not replace it. There was a dent on the back of the case when we bought it, which we reported to the store. It turns out this dent was what caused the failure but no one had noted the dent in their customer service system so the skin we had on it was blamed for the dent. This past Christmas, my husband bought me a Shuffle. Recently, it has been flashing the green-and-orange light while not working. It turns out that this is a fairly common problem with Shuffle users. For now, turning it on and off a couple of times seems to fix it. I'm sure that it will stop working completely within the next week. Most likely I am going to have to go back to the Apple Store to try to get them to replace my less-than-one-year-old Shuffle. I find it a little ridiculous that it's suddenly having problems. My Shuffle hasn't been dropped a lot - maybe once or twice. When I am at work, it sits on my computer tower playing music. It travels in the cell phone pouch in my purse then it gets popped onto the charger as soon as I sit down at my desk at home. I really hope that the Apple Store will replace my Shuffle. Otherwise I will never buy another Apple product.