Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I bet some of you guys out there need some ideas on what to get your loved ones, right? Well, here are some ideas for you: Silver Jewelry Club offers free silver jewelry. All you have to pay is a $6 shipping and handling fee. I have purchased a few items from the site and loved it so much that I recommended it to my friends. Now they are addicted to it as well!

Build-a-Bear Workshop. Yes, these stores are mostly geared towards children but grown-ups can use it too. If your significant other likes teddy bears and stuffed animals, it's a better idea to give her one that you made yourself instead of something pre-made that hundreds, if not thousands, of other women have.

Another present you can make with your own hands are origami flowers. Granted, these are usually gifts you give with a box of candy or something small to make it a very personal gift. Just remember - a handmade gift can be much better than a store bought one if you make the right thing.

Ah, the chocolate. Gotta put chocolate on the list, right? While it tends to be on the expensive side, Godiva is usually a good way to go. You can even win a chocolate fantasy weekend in New York City with an entire room made out of chocolate.

Got a geeky girl? Think Geek has an entire line of geeky girl t-shirts. Or there is always the Genki Gang anime and video game hats. Rock out with your geekiness!

These are some pretty good starting points. I know that Valentine's Day is always a difficult holiday. Single people feel left out while couples scramble to find the "right" way to celebrate together. Instead, just chill out an enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. You don't have to be romantically linked to anyone to have a good Valentine's Day with some close friends or family.