Virginia Beach, VA

I spent last week in Virginia with my family. One of the places we stopped by was Virginia Beach. It was a fairly short trip from our hotel in Newport News, even though there seemed to be a ton of traffic. Luckily, it was a nice day so we didn't mind it.

Virginia Beach doesn't rank very high on our list of favorite beaches. My husband had read that there was a boardwalk and he was really looking forward to it. In his mind, a boardwalk means shops and arcades and fun things to do. In Virginia Beach, a boardwalk means an area not covered in sand for you to walk with a few benches for old men to smoke their montecristo cigars. The shops were a block away from the beach and, while we did manage to find one arcade, there wasn't a lot to do.

We ended up only staying for about 3 hours. That included trying to find a decent parking spot that didn't cost an arm and a leg (I believe we paid $15 for 'all day' parking), eating lunch, and playing in the arcade. We did stop in a few shops but they were typical beach stores. Virginia Beach was a nice town (with an anti-bad behavior policy) but I would rather go to Ocean City, MD instead.