Water Country USA

On Wednesday, we left our hp netbooks at the hotel and went over to Water Country USA. It is a pretty typical water park. There are something like 12 different slides plus a pool, a wave pool, a lazy river and another lazy river-type attraction that doesn't use inner tubes. (I scraped my knee on that last one.) And, of course, there is a water-based acrobatics show, though we didn't stick around to watch it.

This was my daughter's favorite part of our vacation. This is also the first year she's actually enjoyed going on water slides. We hit every slide, except for two. Vanish Point is a brand new slide that basically drops the floor out from under you, which didn't sound very fun to us. (Well, I think my husband wanted to try it but neither my daughter nor I had the guts for it.) Rampage is a water toboggan that looked interesting but we were getting pretty tired by the time we got to that area of the park.

The rides that we did go on were awesome. I normally don't like slides that go through tunnels. (I have this fear of getting stuck in them.) However, I sucked it up and went on all of them for my daughter's sake. I tried my best to keep my eyes open the entire time and managed to have a lot of fun. I think, if we had a few more days to spend in Virginia, we would have gone back to the park for another day. It was definitely a great time.